About the project

Our project is about world of hiking (trekking, backpacking, etc. - see the section "Terminology"). We give to you some "the inspiring" materials telling about why this kind of activity are such popular among people. Our overall objective - to help beginners to join this remarkable world of physical activity. Here you can find the help and technical information, helping to choose a direction for travel, to plan and be prepared for your trip. Our project also can be interesting to experienced travelers

Our project still youngish and work on it is still far from end. Therefore there, where not enough our own materials, we compensate it references to external resources. That is in addition to the original maintenance, our project also is an aggregating agent of the tourist information. Therefore we hope that with our help you will find that information which searched.

About our geographical database.
It is constructed by integration of the information of storehouse Wikidata (Wikidata acts as central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, Wikisource, and others).
Originally we were limited to the information on "the Alpine" countries (that is to those countries in which territory the hills the Alpes range). Further we will try to expand our database and on other popular tourist directions.  

Contacts: [email protected]