The help information on transport for tourists (Europe) 

All types of transport Transport portal Rome2rio simplifies planning of journeys. The site gives the information on travel and booking from a door to a door, helping you to reach from any point of the world. Enter any address, sight or a city as destination, and the site will instantly display all your variants of journey and booking, and also the information on housing and sights in one convenient place.

Air transportation

Sites for search of cheap air tickets:

Railway transport

The Austrian railways   an official site


EuroNight (in abbreviated form EN) — the main national and international night trains within the limits of the European net of the long-distance railways  an official site

The German railways  an official site

The Swiss railways an official site

The Italian railways an official site

The French railways  official site TGV 


The Polish railways  an official site

The Hungarian railways an official site

The Russian railways an official site the Forum of passengers of the Russian Railway

The Ukrainian railways an official site

The Belarus railways  an official site

The Serbian railways  an official site

Bus service

The Austrian buses

The international bus companies: 



The ferry on island Corsica

Ferries Italy - Montenegro  



Car rental Interactive site for planning of an automobile route, including fare calculation (gas + road tax)  

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Cable cars

There are summer cableways in almost every alpine region. Disorder of the prices from 5 to 100 and above euro for one lifting. It is necessary to specify the period of their work on sites of rope-ways. Some rope-ways after a winter season are closed on preventive maintenance and open only to the beginning of a high summer season (July-August).

Example: a rope-way on a plateau of mountain Dachstein  (South side)


Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay